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Prof. Dr. Alexander Alscher, Rigaer Str. 44, 10247 Berlin, Germany. For the contents on the personal pages, in private messages, on the respective Internet presences the respective indicated authors are responsible.

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All information on this site has been carefully checked samedi®. We try to regularly update this information and expand services. A guarantee for the completeness, accuracy and timeliness can not be guaranteed. We make this information available without warranty of any kind. Any liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly from the use of samedi® website is excluded.

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In May 1998 the Regional Court of Hamburg ruled that by placing a link you are responsible for the content of the linked page. This can only be prevented by expressly distancing from the content of the linked website. On our site we have links to other sites on the Internet. For all these links: We dissociate ourselves from all contents of all linkedpages on our website and do not adopt their contents. This alienation furthermoreremains to all links displayed on the linked websites.


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