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Coordinate your appointments, relieve your staff in the management of administrative processes and enable more efficiency in everyday tasks with the market leader for secure e-health solutions

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The solutions you need for an efficient daily routine

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Online appointments

Put an end to the constant phone ringing! With online appointment scheduling, your practice is available around the clock. At the same time you reduce administrative work and relieve your staff.

Patient notifications

70% fewer missed appointments thanks to appointment-type-specific reminders via email or SMS.

Resource planning

According to your individual requirements, rooms, staff and equipment can be scheduled for the exact time period they are needed for.

Digital assignment

Build a personal treatment network with your colleagues. Define who can book which treatment appointments and resources at which time in your practice.

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Optimal patient services

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Video consultation

The KBV-certified video consultation from samedi offers physicians, health professionals and psychotherapists a useful supplement to traditional on-site patient treatment.

Online patient forms

Thanks to customizable online forms, patients can fill out required documents in advance, conveniently at home or on the go, and securely transmit them to the doctor digitally.

Self check-in & real-time waiting display

With Self Check-In, you enable your patients to contactlessly register at your practice via smartphone.

Online marketing

Modern services such as online appointment scheduling and digital patient communication increase the attractiveness of your medical practice and enhance existing marketing channels.

What doctors say

Dr. med. Klaus Strömer
“It’s no longer a question of whether a doctor in the practice offers online appointments. It’s really only a question of when. Patients expect the service and assistants are relieved. Time can no longer be turned back. Just as we can’t do without the telephone today, we can’t do without the Internet tomorrow”
Dr. med. Klaus Strömer
BVDD President
Dr. med. Jacek Auerbach
It is one of the most innovative and reliable scheduling systems I know. For all those who depend on resource planning across multiple locations, samedi is an ideal platform for planning, implementing and evaluating interactive and interdisciplinary processes.
Dr. med. Jacek Auerbach
Anesthesia Center, Oldenburg
Tobias Glaunsinger, MD
With samedi, I can honestly say: It seems that the people who work on it know the inside of a doctor’s office and understand what it needs. It is a very flexible system and has an unbelievable number of setting options without being overwhelmingly complicated. You don’t have to read any manuals for samedi. Once you understand the philosophy, you can adjust it at any time. And if you have questions, there is excellent support from samedi.
Tobias Glaunsinger, MD
Praxis Prenzlauer Berg
Dr. med. Daniel Kaufmann
We were looking for a flexible and reliable system that is fast and easy to use. We have found samedi - Now we are able to plan differentiated and achieve fast consultation hours with high utilization and short waiting times!
Dr. med. Daniel Kaufmann
Ophthalmologist at Herrenhäuser Markt

Process optimization

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Planning and controlling

Statistics on appointment and resource data with corresponding visualizations ensure you always maintain full control.

Digital vaccination management

Automate the complex coordination and scheduling of COVID-19 vaccinations in your medical practice.

Chain appointments

In addition to individual appointments, structured treatment sequences can be planned using chain appointments.

Why you should start today

  • Relieve your staff – up to 23% working time savings in the management of administrative processes
  • More efficiency in everyday practice – fewer missed appointments and optimized resource planning
  • Optimal patient service: communicate with your patients digitally and securely
  • By physicians for physicians – we work closely with healthcare professionals to develop our software
  • We support you – our customer service takes care of all of your concerns
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